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German Panther and captured Russian Panther

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Why is the captured Russian Pz.V A(early) significantly cheaper than the German one??? They seem to have identical capabilities,even the Russian one may have some extra tungsten rounds.So where is the "price" gap coming from? Would a battle with the same number of this vehicle on every side be unbalanced???

On the same note,generally a tank bought for the German side is more expensive than the same tank bought for the Russian side(of course I'm talking about the captured vehicles which are present in both armies).

Even more,the same tank in the same army has different cost points all the way from 1941 to 1945.For example,the conscript Matilda 2 in august'42 is 54 pts. but in august '43 the cost is 69 pts.Any clues?? Maybe I don't see anything...

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hm,I t think that the cost is related to weapon effectiveness not to the availability in the field.I also thought that conscripts are conscripts for every side(ie the German conscripts have the same reaction time as the Soviets conscripts). With all these I still cannot imagine how the same tank can have different values for each side.And more,how a tank in the same army can be bore expensive than the same tank 1 yr ago..?

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Its not clear from your post if you have turned rarity off. I assume you have - otherwise the answer is self-evident : )

Changes in shot performance for the Matild's 2pdr might explain that case. However what BF have done to vehicle costs may be a little opaque as I think there is a degree of fudging that goes on.

If you think that weird bear in mind that the percentage you can spend on artillery changes not at all during the war in CMBB & CMAK. Given all the other arms increase in fighting value artillery becomes less and less value ...

: )

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With the rarity value of "Normal" in July 1944 the German Panther A (early) is 302 points (with a 30% rarity value - newer models are available), and the Russian captured Panther A (early) is 525 points (rarity value of 150% - captured/reused gear is always more expensive). I think that having the rarity value turned "Off" skews the relative values off. King Tigers should not only be expensive because of their defensive/offensive capabilities but also because only a few hundred were made compared to thousands of Pz IV's. Anyway, that's my opinion.


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Matilda gets HE in Apr'43 (at least in AK, haven't rechecked BB), causing a sharp rise in points. Many units change pre-rarity point values regularly in the game due to things like changes in command times, ammo type introductions or changes. That's actually all I can think of right off. Looking at my CMBB Panther info:

DE - 239

DL - 235

AE - 233

AL - 241-238 (change in Mar'44, I forget why)

GE - 234

GL - 238

RP - 201-210 (Jan'44 command lag from 21 to 12 secs, I think)

Differences are hull quality, optics, skirts, trap, higher chance for some types to immobilize (Ds and Gs), etc. I have done extensive tests on things like the trap and immobilization.

The German Panthers are much lower rarity, averaging around 40 or so, the Russian is always 150. Taking that into account, in a QB the Russian Panther is usually 315 points, always more than some type of German Panther.

Hope this helps,


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