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When playing against the computer in an Operation, to get it to perform best one picks "place own units", not "scenario default"? Correct?

I don't want the computer to just get a wad of bunched units after the first battle. (on the other hand, I usually pick the scenario defaults with battles, figuring the scenario designer has sometimes, when designed for AI, placed the units well.)


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The settings "place own units" or "scenario default" only apply to the first battle, so your best option is to choose scenario default as the designer will always do a better job at deployment than the AI.

This is true even with Ops that feature huge maps, where units placed further back in depth. The AI will almost always redeploy these units, sometimes to less than optimal locations. The exceptions to this rule are units which do not allow for redeployment, such as fortifications or large guns.

Once past the first battle the terrain, parameters (especially no-man's setting) and OOB dictate where the AI will deploy its units.

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