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Goodbye Gordon - the end of a mod era.

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Well it's definite: Gordon Molek has had to retire from modding due to health reasons.:(

I would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank Gordon for all the years of collaboration. We've been a mod team right through from CMBO times, and it's been quite a ride. From my initial fumbling Sherman mods in CMBO, through the madness of my batch-file mods to the ever-expanding CMMOS (entirely Gordon's work), to official textures for CMBB, CMAK, Dropteam, CMSF and marines. There's a whole heap of textures in that lot, all coloured exquisitely by Gordon. (Colours I can do, but it bores me. I prefer to stick to base textures. )

Thank you, Gordon. I shall miss your enthusiastic shower of texture updates. (You probably won't miss my erratic updated file stream.) I wish you all the best for the future.

You certainly leave a large legacy for the CM community.


As an aside, this news means I'm now looking for a new colourist partner for my nearly-completed CMSF T72 series mod, and beyond.

(With CMN coming up, this will be a demanding commitment. Interested modders should email me - I won't discuss this here.)

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I'm coming late to this thread simply because I've been doing some behind-the-scenes emailing about this. Gordon "retired" a few months ago in private, but I was unaware there was a health aspect. I've since been reassured that although the artwork he produces is probably at an end, the man behind them is not.

To say Gordon's amazing talents will be missed is an understatement. Sure, there are others who are there to pick up the slack, but damn... Gordon cranked out some AWESOME stuff. Especially lately as an official member of the CM:SF development team. Kickarse stuff, that's for sure.

Few wargamers ever get a chance to make a difference within their hobby. Gordon can proudly count himself as one of those are individuals.


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