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Contact's review of CMSF + Marines (& Brits?)

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Just read the almost entirely positive review of CMSF by 'Contact' magazine, and found a couple of interesting titbits.

1. "the orginal game... has been augmented by the release of two modules..."

Did the reviewer actually have a pre-release copy of the Brits module? The public release must be coming up...

2. After extolling the virtues in glowing terms:

"seems to play out in real time it is so detailed"

"the game engine allows amazing tactical freedom"

"options only limited by your tactical imagination"

"offers real opportunity to get stuck into the combat phase of modern complex warfighting"

the only negative thing he points out is the lack of civilian population... and the score he gives it is only 3.5/5!

Isn't it a bit weird that he gives a game that he apparently appreciates so much only 70%, when its only default (to him) is that it doesn't do what he wants it to do?


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Re his comment about civillians - well scenario designers can give a penalty for koing lot's of buildings by assigning 'preserve' options in the terrain goals for Blue, just make em not known to player but ensure you do that in the brief. It is worth remebering that CMSF was originally designed to simulate a warfighting situation rather than a counter insurgency operation.

Yeah is odd though that he raves about it then just gives it 3.5/5 cos there ain't no civvies!

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is there a place to read this thing full screen when i dont have the latest issue of contact? i read the article now on the BFC site, my eyes cry right now, however i read it and got it.

about the 3.5/5. i read reviews rather often and a review is something verry subjective since hardly any reviewer can do it objectively. however you can work with this, a good subjective review isnt nessesarylie bad just becouse you only get what the guy thinks about it, and that in his personal syle wich can be from praising to bashing and all in between.

so, what struck me is the last sentence, "a must buy for wargamers", so how many PC gamers out there are wargamers? a minor minority if at all. i compare this to the largest german PC magazine, called "Gamestar". they gave CMSF something like 64% out of 100% wich is exellent actually for Gamestar as CMSF isnt a wiz-bang top of the line 1mio$ budget frigging eye candy game.

a 64% at Gamestar would me something like this by their own definition "not for the masses, but fans and genere fans can verry well buy it and will like it" and with this they hit the mark.

now when i see a 70 at contact, i think this is quiet good becouse i have no idea what other games this guy is reviewing. if this was his first game at all, lol forgett it then the 70% says nothing as he got nothing to compare too.

also i dont think he gave -30% just for missing civies? there must be other stuff, also if its minor stuff wich coloured his emotional picture of the game and so directly influenced this rating. blahblahblah....

anyways, whats this about British? this is realy strange, he writes about the british module, in a way wich makes you think its released, but he doesnt talke about it directly as if it wouldnt be there.

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Hi guys

Thought I'd jump in to see what was going on and noticed the discussion on the review. Having been a bit busy it made me jump back in to check what I sent the editor vs what was printed ... As you have rightly worked out what I wrote and the score weren't reflective of one another.

My copy sent to editor indicates that I gave the following score for CMSF:

4.5/5 (patched)

I think the 3.5/5 was left over in the layout from the previous edition (FYI I gave COD: World at War 3.5/5) I'll ensure that a correction is printed in the next column. I'll also let Martin know so that he updates the site here.

As for the Brits bit ... we were hedging bets as to whether it would be on the streets by the time the mag hit the streets (the reviews are finalised about 6-7 weeks before distribution). We got close but ...


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Thanks for the update Jas!

Ha! I wuz rite!

Hey, BFT, I just got you a 20% higher rating on a review by a major publication. How many extra sales is that worth? :D:D:D

Who knows how long it might have gone unnoticied had I not commented on it?

Don't I deserve a little reward for picking this up, you know, something nice like a certain expansion to an existing game that some people on these forums play, and which will be released shortly? ;)

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