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Anyone fancy an easy victory?

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Hi, everyone

Just signed up to the forums, no idea why it has taken me so long, but finally got round to doing it. :P

Does anyone fancy a game? It would probably be a guarenteed victory. For although I have played for a few years now, I have only played against the AI, and never ventured into the real of multiplayer.

Also if anyone wanted to play be PBEM they would have to tell me how to load files etc as I have never done it before. Any help much apriciated.



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This site will provide email message support. Just clink the link built in to any member's name/handle, and you have a choice of ways to communicate. Battlefront.com does the rest. How you wish to reply is up to you, but Battlefront will host back and forth messaging to our personal email addresses.

DesertWolf, BFC site-supported email is not currently selected in your profile. Go to USER CP>EDIT OPTIONS

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Hey Marx,

How about a small CMAK-PBEM game, 600 point QB, Meeting Engagement, you choose Axis or Allies. I can help you out on the PBEM process.

If interested just click on my name ( handle ) to either PM or Email me, or you can just post reply below. I also went ahead and emailed you.



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