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Plot waypoints right where one wants them?

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One aspect of the game that's struck me lately as being annoying is how challenging it is to plot a waypoint exactly where one wants it. I understand that there's an invisible action grid that underlies every inch of ground, but I'm wondering if any of you have any advice to plotting the points as accurately as you can get them, without having to click/delete an uncooperative placement 6-7 times?

I've even run some tests, and the waypoint placement is important, especially if speed is essential to get where one's going. I always try to give my vehicles the chance to build up as much of their maximum velocity as possible before I start putting them into effective firing range of enemy RPGs. Oftentimes, the series of waypoints I then desire to plot look like a graceful arc, as having waypoints that suddenly shift the path away from the center of the arc causes the vehicle to slow down significantly. And sure enough, they're then far more likely to have an RPG fired at them, and if the offending waypoint is severe enough, or if, collectively, there's enough of these "jagged" waypoints, then the odds of getting struck by an RPG are increased noticeably.

The "graceful fast arc" is, without question, the best path to plot, as the chances of the enemy even attempting a shot at your vehicle seem substantially lowered. They won't even bother to try. So, do you have any methods that will help avoid the "jagged slower path" that I'm complaining about here?

Thanks in advance for all your input.


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Thanks for confirming my observations regarding the importance of the overall shape of the speediest path to a destination, but what I'm hoping to acquire is the best means by which one can avoid having the plot point put some place where one doesn't want it.

Too often, I'm finding that most of my time is getting the waypoints just where I want them. I bet that 70% of my game time is deleting/replotting a waypoint that's "snapped" to the center of a nearby action grid, and not where I want it to go. I'm trying to avoid having my waypoints "snapped" to where I don't want them to go, because, all too frequently, these errant "snapped" waypoints will slow the vehicle down when I don't want it to.

I'm tired of having to pan my camera left/right, or way up or way down just so I can try putting a waypoint where I want it. Half the time, I have to click someplace that's not even close to being in line with the travel route I've plotted, just so the next waypoint appears within the desired arc. It's weird, and very frustrating.

I have so little free time as it is, that when I think about how much of my time is spent fussing over waypoints going where I'm not even clicking, well, that starts to get the blood boiling.

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