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The other day, on patrol with Syrians...

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yes but its somewhat more cruel :D

i did a Al Amahra Redux for myself, with one army platoon less, 8 "marine advisors" and a platoon of syrians in addition.

well in one fight "several" RPGs hit a room with Army and Marines inside. well there where quiet a few casualties and the syrian horde used this to pluder the corpses after first aid.

they even have NVGs now :D

that i could accquire at least the javelin from a vehicle with the syrians, this is so simple and logical, hell i never thught of that.

however the M16A4/203 and the M4/203 i wouldnt be able to accquire, you can only pick em up. also there is no RPG launcher unit to acquire in any vehicle so far, unfortunately. the marine picked up the RPG too from a corpse.

they even shot some guys with the US weapons, they seem to work good enough in syrian hands too :8

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