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Which mission in British campaign is the best?


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After messing around with the triggers and designing my own missions, I thought it was definitely time for fun. Therefore I decided to go thru the British campaign.

Well, they are all well designed.

Most interesting and challenging was:

1st On the way to Thala: because of it was to be a defense mission but with the submission to guard the convoy it became a defense and counterattack play which was very challenging.

2nd Sidi N’Sir: was great fun – to make proper decisions for the defensive – on the map you have vast fields of fire covering almost all approaches - but with the ongoing attack , you are losing one AT asset after the other until the reserves arrive - still then it is anything but easy. Somehow I find the map extraordinarily pleasing.

3rd Medenin: was another disposition challenge - a large area to cover with limited assets not knowing what will strike You and FROM WHERE. Infantry attack with smoke cover - well done!

4th Kasserine: Would have expected it to be more challenging – maybe one or two airstrikes less. Ok, played the German campaign first, so I knew where they will attack from. Could have been a start with the AT- positions first and to receive the armored group later on as reserves.

With the Lee- tank reserves it’s far too easy to clean up the remnants of the stuck and partly disabled panzers.

Anyway it is hard to judge which mission is the best, as they are all very well done and by now I know by myself how much work it is to design and direct the missions.

Good work!

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If I were to choose the best British Campaign I'd have to go with the Medenine Defensive. There were staggered attacks throughout the game on the British position waver your attention to one side and another attack was gaining momentum on the other. Airstrikes on both sides. There also was a challenge to prevent the Sappers from clearing the minefield. Very good mission! I was disappointed that this was the last British Mission because there were a few battlefield heroes that emerged.

The worst mission in my opinion once again was Kasserine Pass as it was not as much of a challenge.

Once I complete the German campaign I hope to go kick the difficulty up from Novice to Normal. At that point I may have differing opinions on some of the missions.

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My comments on the British campaign are:

1. Way too short, it hardly got started before it was over. A campaign should have 10+ missions in it IMHO.

2. Missions were all good and challenging, hard to pick a winner.

3. As for my other comments in the other campaigns I would like free slot choice and not be limited by points. It should be like Close Combat 5 where you pick and choose from what you have left in your force pool.

4. I would like to be able to see the map before unit selection takes place.

5. During play I would like to be able to move the minimap around to face the direction I am looking in.


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