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Which campaign is the best?

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The ranking for ToW 2 (ante-balance129) is:

GERMANY - the best

Beyond the Faid Pass Medium value (I have played several time this mission and every time i had completed it only with the action of reinforcements).

The Battle of Sidi Bou Sid Excellent (very good defence and counter-attack).

The Battle of Sbeitla Excellent (good ideas and attacks).

The Kassarine Pass Medium value (too much easy).

On the way to Thala Excellente (it is not easy to attack).

Tebessa Medium valua (the enemy positions and tanks attacks are not a surprise and easy to shot down).

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The best campaign in my opinion was the Centauro Italian campaign. Though lately the campaigns being issued are so small in mission number that you can only really call them an operation. This game has the potential to cover the whole African conflict from 1941 (as the Germans and allies) or even earlier as the Italians and Allies

Yes it was frustrating having Italian tanks as they are so bad, however the design of the campaign and missions was well done. Use of big maps was a welcome relief. Too many times a good mission is spoilt by having to work on a postage stamp of a map where the camera does not really have enough room to swing around and it always seems that you are operating in a tight corner on a map edge.

Just about all the Italian missions were on big maps which allowed for room to maneuver for both the in-game camera (for user comfort) and the units themselves were able to do flanking movements instead of fighting down a tunnel. Fighting on an artificially constrained map is all the more irritating when you can see that the portion of the map you have access to is part of a much larger map that is shown greyed out on the minimap.

The very worst campaign was the Stuart Campaign, it was so bad I did not even bother to finish it. Tiny maps, one tank to command against a whole village filled with enemy. It was just too silly for words.



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