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Beats me how you can write five articles about... nothing. It reads like he's had one too many of the drugs that makes you feel paranoid.

The flip side is - big deal. Let's see, stock market movements: India (large movement), some resource companies with uranium production under licence. If those are the main movements, then Bilderberg is a long way away from it's takeover strategy, and has suffered from some remarkably incompetent tactical direction lately. Unless they severed some heads, we can expect more of the same. No worries.

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What take over strategy? What do you know?

Elected officials conducting secret business deals is something I think should be very much publicised.

I don't think it's a new world order or anything that stupid but given the attendees we know about it looks to be some kind of cross border trade being discussed.

And as the discussees are, in part, paid up British government ministers I want to know what was agreed. I think that's my right as a tax payer.

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