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I know...but I need to know...

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It's on my forehead.... Even as I search for it, my searching is in vain until such a serendipitous moment as I happen to pass a mirror. :P

Just repeat to yourself:

"One if by land,

Two if by sea,

Three if by air."


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And the mighty Steve did sayith to the masses (repeatedly)...

"It Will Be Done When It Is Done".

He couldn't stand the strain. Looks like he needs to spend some time in the battlefront reeducation center, located somewhere in Maine.

You have my sympathy BillyR, be strong. I'm just glad I wasn't the first to crack.

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Funny, I received a package from UPS the other day. It had BF.C on the return. Inside the box was disk. It was shiny, but not the normal silver. More of a gold. It seemed like an old copy of that Afrika Korps game, but the nimrods who switched over to the new CD media misspelled CMAK. They labelled it CMUK. Now, I'm not a schmuck, so I didn't fall for that gag. My kids used it to play frisbee with the neighbor's dog.

Hmmm, was that it?



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Hey, I understand your pain BillyR. I remember the frustration I was feeling waiting for the Marines module to come out and it was pretty horrible.

For what it's worth, if BFC follow a similar path to the release of the Brit module, there'll be a flurry of promo pics released, the manual will get posted up and an announcement that the Brit module has gone Gold will be made. Then the module will follow about a week after the Gold announcement.

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I've been anxiously filling my time researching the British Army. My "Pocket Guide to the British Army" should show up in the mail today! Anyone know of any sites where thier tactics are explained (like the FM's we have?).

Not really but there are some great videos on YouTube - just bash in British Army Afghanistan or Helmand.

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