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Patch including mods? why not?

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Are there any chance that a patch would include a mod in the future? why not? There are many great mods out there. Ive always been cautious about installing mods and just to be sure its good, i would like it to be included in a patch. There are many maps that would qualify to be in the game too. Many would say " if you want the mod just go and get it" but for the feel of it and to be sure its a quality mod i would like it to be released by battlefront. Whats the reason to not do?

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I don't think it will ever happen (except maybe as some "optional graphics" like alternative GUI or floating icons by BFC's own artists - but even that is unlikely, knowing how busy those guys are even with making just one set of graphics). Some big reasons:

1) Size. Patches can get quite big by themselves, there is no need to make them bigger without a good reason.

2) Selection. If there are dozens or hundreds of different mods for a game, then which of them should be included in a patch? Different players have different preferences, how could BFC

3) Authorization. BFC would need permissions to include 3rd party mods to patches, and that would just unnecessarily burden the patch making process.

4) No need. You get much better results just by asking people's opinions on which are good mods, rather than expecting BFC to solve that for you. Besides, I don't think that the staff in BFC even use 3rd party mods, or at least not very much, because it would blur their own sense of what their game really looks like. And beta testers all have their own preferences.

Besides, if a mod becomes standard, is it a mod any longer? Or when a government starts giving out fashion tips to people, isn't it just issuing uniforms?

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Yeah, I can understand the developers' side in this exchange, but, that said, I can't begin to express how happy I was that you guys went through the trouble of including some of the "best of the best" mods ever released for the CMx1 titles. That saved me a TON of time in hunting them down. What was frustrating, however, is that the game didn't come with an installer for the mods. I know, I know, it seems like I'm crying over nothing on this, but there was a LOT of great content to explore, and it did get annoying to have to comb through it yourself, even though it already went through a screening process.

Ah, ignore me. I'm just whining!

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Mods used to kind of intimidate me too, until I tried some out and realized how cool they were. That's why I created the z-Bee mod manager. I wanted a way to be able to showcase all of the great mods out there. It really does help make it easier. Yeah, it's an Access application, but it's meant to help you sort out which mods you like and don't like. I happen to like all of them. ;)

I highly recommend many mods out there, especially some of Scipios stuff. His weapons icon are outstanding. MikeyD, Normal Dude, AKD, hell all of them! Then there's the colored explosions and tracers, different vehicle skins and uniforms, great sound mods, etc. Most of these mods were created by people who have a lot of experience modding for cm1. In fact, I haven't seen ANY mods that are bad!! They all seem to be of very high quality and I would have you SERIOUSLY reconsider if you are hesitant to try them.

If Battlefront were to spend any time with mods, it should be creating a built in mod manager rather than just including some mods. Which, ofcourse, now has my head spinning with new ideas for my mod manager...

But... Battlefront is extremely busy breaking new ground and I know Steve has mentioned a zillion times that it ain't happening. I don't blame them at all, why spend precious time making new optional content when so many great people do it anyway? I'd rather have the upgrades, fixes, tweaks, and new content. :)

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