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Interested in the M1A2? See Belly of the Beast:Tanks on DSC now (midnight M to T PDT)

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The premiere episode of the new series takes an M1 carcass from rusty to finished remanufactured state of the art tank, with extensive excursions into crew stations and tasks, the hunter-killer sight, crew training, tank maintenance, handling characteristics, stability as a firing platform, live fire demos of shaped charge effects and ERA, tank range gunnery, etc. There are a few mistakes, such as the utter failure to mention DU in the armor array.

The POV is hands on, first person by the host, whom we see at the tank plant, on the vehicle driving range, in the driver simulator and the UCOFT, out on exercise and more. Good coverage of sights but not much on comms and digital gear. Big changes in evidence at NTC, too, with tasks geared to Iraq and Afghanistan, rather than main force OPFOR. Highly recommend this episode, especially for those new to modern warfare. Would imagine this'll be in rotation on Discovery for some time yet.


John Kettler

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...... in the driver simulator and the UCOFT, out on exercise and more....

Missed the first 5 minutes...

CCTT: Close Combat Tactical Trainer, with LT's at Ft Knox (could you tell?), used to train Platoons and above (not really for gunnery training)

To bad the host did not get to fire live rounds (or did he?)

They had him breaking track at Ft Knox, too cool :D (although that particular track was servicable)

this episode is tanker approved :cool:

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