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I don't know if people remember but i posted a while ago about my bike i had restored.Well its been on the road for about 9 months now.I have been having a few teething issue with it but i am getting there.

Any way me and Mrs gautrek had a bimble around the other weekend.

we did around 30 miles of which 20m were off road.

We went down a local road called Gartree road.this is the route of an old Roman road.Its has signs up saying unsuitable for vehicles.

So what more excuse do you need:)





We intend going again as the Mrs loved it.Plus i'm sure we can find a nice old pub halfway round to have a rest.The only problem was a silencer falling off due to the vibration,but these roads are what the bike was built for.

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Do you ever let her drive?


The last woman i let ride this was my first wife.we went to a bike rally and she said gis a go.So i did.She was happy going round the empty field for a while.We then drove down to the pub.When we came out she said can i ride it back.

Ok says I

I sat in the sidecar with my feet on the seat and my arse on the bootlid.She opened the throttle and before i could say anything she dumped the clutch.At which point the front wheel shot up and we started to overturn.We must have done about a 70deg wheelie before she panicked and shut throttle.At which point the front wheel crashed back to earth.


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Your machine is actually just about bigger than the car I bought Mrs Affentitten on the weekend.

I bet it weighs more as well.I don't tend to get too many people pull out on me on this.Which is a good job as two drum brakes are a bit iffy in today's traffic.All this discs all round and ABS bollocks.

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