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Bug Out behaviour with BRDM-2s

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Its been a while since we had one of these threads but could someone have a look at the bug out behaviour with BRDM-2s?

IIRC there was an issue with TOW Humvees bugging out when spotting armour and therefore being unable to destroy it. The same is happening with me with the BRDM-2-AT vehicles. I put them in overwatch in a hull down position and they spot a T-62 3000m away. This is out of range for the tank but the BRDM should be able to take the shot (Armed with an AT-5) and destroy the tank no problem. I can understand if they bug out at less than 1000m and the tank is facing them but they should be shooting, not running at 3000m!

Just wondering if the issue will be fixed for v1.2?

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Moral was normal throughout the test on green experience.

I tested it again with green, veteran and elite troops and the Elite crews would sometimes take the shot if they saw one tank but would always bug out if they saw 2. All other experiance levels bugged out within seconds of seeing a single tank.

Thanks for having a look!

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