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Naval Loop Oddity -- Red Sea Area

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Hey all,

While I am on the computer (procrastinating from the work I should be doing at the moment), I thought I would post another thread.

Here's the situation. The Axis are about to overrun Egypt. American reinforcements are known to be on the way. I therefore place two Italian naval units in hexes 115,40 and 116,40 to try and block the on-coming American units.

The hexes in question are well to the north-west of the red arrows for the Red Sea-Atlantic Naval Loop. But much to my surprise, when the American fleet arrives, some units arrive to the south-east (i.e., on or adjacent to the naval loop), but some of the units use advanced "transporter" technology (or "teleporter" or "stargate" or "jumpgate" -- depending on your sci-fi preference) to miraculously pop-up BEHIND my Italian blockading units! Yank reinforcements arrive in Egypt, my Italian fleet is trapped and destroyed, and (two years later) I am fighting for my life against Arado234.

I assume this is a programming glitch?!? Or are the Naval Loops supposed to be non-blockadable (if I can invent a word)?

I should note that while a significant number of US units arrived in the Red Sea during the turn in question, there were still a number of empty hexes south-east of my blockading units that could have been used for their arrival (i.e., it was NOT a case of the units not having other options).

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To clarify the arrival tiles are not necessarily the same as the visible loop arrows on the map. In most cases I would say they are at a different location because I envisioned the case where the units may arrive and if a player forgot to move them they would immediately loop back at the end of the turn.

This is likely why they were popping up where you did not expect them to but if you look at the scripts you can get a better idea where they are supposed to arrive.

To answer your question more specifically, yes the arrival tiles cannot be blockaded in a traditional sense but if you occupy the arrival tiles and all the subsequent adjacent tiles then there is a failsafe mechanism that would return looping ships back to their point of origin because they have no where to go when it is time for them to arrive etc.

Hopefully that makes sense,


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