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Back after a Long while

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Hi all,

A couple of years ago I sold my copy of CMBB and CMAK. I just repurchased them.

On at tactical level this these are the best games I have played. Before I played SPAW.

Loved that game. Still have it, great reference on TOE.

With that I resently down load the Russian Training Senarios. I would like to thank JasonC for this creation. Should be recommended for any new player. I have just played up to scenario 110, "110 - Basic infantry commands ". Each scenario has been a learning experince. I would Like to make my comments on each so far.

100 - Basic armor commands: Just as the lesson says picking ground and strenghts and weakness of the T-34. I had to do this one twice. Second time around successful. The

T-34 has great front armor and can take a licking.

101 - Armor platoon command: This one a little harder, The SMG half squads came in handy used as recone. Once the enemy spotted easy taking the enemy out

102 - Armor platoon command, superior enemy : This was a real problem. Spotting the enemy with Infantry SMG recone no problem. I learned that a German 75mm gun packs a wallop! Three times I had to go at this. Finally had to hit the enemy from three different directions to get a side shot, sacrificed on tank to get it done.

110 - Basic infantry commands: Four attemps attempts for this one. First time right up the center, got creamed! Never saw that HMG just sound contacts! Fired at the contacts!

Kept getting out of contact with Plt. HQ.

Try number two tried a right hook from the right using one squad as cover fire on the trench. Got closer but the other three squads broke in the advance! I just got by the wooden fence.

Third try a left hook, got a fire base at nearest building of the trench. Moved the rest of the platoon to the light woods on the right. Once I figured I had that HMG supressed, advanced, got three quaters of the way and the platoon broke!

Fourth try same left hook, advanced to the light woods , got three squads on line and poured fire into the trench with entire platoon for 4 minutes and then advanced the three squads. That did it with out any loses.

110a my modification to this scenario. Heavy entrenched German Rifle Platoon, HMG, 2 Lt MGs, 50 mm mortar and 75mm Artillery spotter. Used


/_\ trench lay out. To Take this position.

110a - Basic Infantry Company Attack allied

In this course you will learn to advance an infantry mixed company with various moral ratings, over open ground under fire.

Same as in 110 but with additional heavy supporting weapons. Also with additional enemy opposition.

Setting - farmland.

Intell: German platoon entrenched defending with HMG

Orders: Captain our green boys of 1st Platton A Company got their tits caught in a ringer yesterday probing they enemy line.. They tried to take an entrenched German position vital for our up coming counterattack. They reported that they met heavy opposition. We need that position taken out. We have heard digging up there all night and vehicle movement this morning.

Forces -

Veteran Co. CO, 120mm motar spotter,

Regular Recone Platoon

Green rifle platoon, 2 Lt. MG and 50mm mortar team

Regular Rifle Platoon, 2 Lt. MG and 50mm mortar team

Veteran Rifle Platoon, 2 Lt. MG and 50mm mortar team

Regular Weapons Platoon, Plt.HQ ,2 MMGs and 2 82mm motars

Intended lessons - use of cover, covering fire, proper intervals, advance command, importance of spotting.

Use MGs and Mortars to suppress enemy positions covering advancing infantry. Use smoke to block enemy line of sight for final assault. Learn the difference reaction of Veteran, Regular and Greeen troops under fire.

Played this and learned the major differences in moral of Vets, Regular and green troops.

The green troops took the heaviest losses. The additional fire power of the weapons Platoon made a difference.

Tried this without heavy weapons, additional platoon support and spotter with all green troops, got my head handed back to me in a basket!

Jasonc Thanks again for those training senarios. Next up is 111 - Infantry company command. I will let you all know how that goes.

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111 - Infantry company command

Interesting problem, First it looked like a easy walk over for the Russians. That extra HMG took me by surprise. Never got the 82mm inaction while moving it in position became a target. I tried a double envelopment to take out entrenched HMG. Failed!

Second time had success! Used 82mm and MMG to silence that second HMG. Moved the 2nd MMG to building in front of entrenchment for cover and suppressing fire. Advanced the first Platoon to the right small woods, the 2nd platoon Advanced and hide, then snuked then forward. When on-line with 1st Platoon started to sneak the foward. While this was happening used both MMGs to suppress the trench. When 2nd Platoon got within 100 meters used suppressing fire on trench, Used last of 82mm on trench. While the trench was being suppress advanced with 1st Platoon to finally take trench and knock out that last HMG. Loses none.

Lesson number one learned: When starting new scenario split one squad to act as recone to draw enemy fire.

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Yep, the moral of 111 is that a company, even a weak green one, is much much stronger than a platoon. It is the first infantry formation that really has all the items it needs to do its job - including those crucial ranged support weapons. Also of course the ability to overload one shooter, fire and move with alternate elements, etc

The next ups the enemy and puts indirect artillery into the mix...

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Right now I am giving SPWAW Russian Steel a go. I will try that 112 next. Still that second HMG was a nasty surprise! I redid my version with the German platoon, Placed the light MGs on the left and add your nasty surprise. If you want I can e-mail you a zip of it.

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