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Custom mouse pad

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Well, I hope that Steve and the gang don't mind you posting all of the thoughtful hard work that you obviously poured into this extremely useful device.

I do a good share of graphic design work myself, and the only suggestion I would give is that when the font is going to be so small and readability is essential, then it's far better to err on usefulness rather than aesthetics. Without question, your font selection IS effective aesthetically, but it is difficult to read once printed out for a standard mousepad.

If it's not too much trouble, perhaps you could release a second version with a font that's simplified, Arial for example, or Tahoma. They won't match the design that you perfectly nailed in the first one, but at least the new font will allow us to read it more accurately and quickly.

Great work in any case, and thank you for it.

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Approximatly after 15 spilled beers the fabric of my CMSF mousepad is not able to let my mouse perform its duties in a sensible way :(

One thing that blows my mind though, is what kind of printer you guys have that can print mousepads? :D

I would throw it in the color laser at work if I wasn't sure it would brake the said printer...

Looks very nice though!

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There are several companys that make mouse pads from your own holiday pics for instance. Im going to order mine from IFI here in Finland:


And yes, I wouldnt try to print the mouse pad with my laserprinter at work either. Of course you could try to lubricate the printer with beer first...

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Am I happy that you made the adjustments that you did. And I agree with you; the Tahoma font looks great and is far more readily readable than the prior script.

Thanks for testing the advice out, and making an improved release for us.

Now all I need is a mousepad which will accept inserts. Even if I don't, I'm keeping that baby right underneath my monitor while I'm playing. Very useful, and thanks again.

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