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251C Redraw Mod in CMBB Mods Repository.

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A sad admission, but having played this game on & off since it came out, it was only when I started this mod that I realised there were two distinct 251s. I had 'planned' to do all the grey 251s and then recolor them yellow so I'd done the lot. But it was not to be. For now I'm enjoying doing the mods very much and do intend to just sticking to greys, so hopefully I'll get to the 9& 16. But my next trick will be the grey armoured cars - only three sets of bmps and no track suspension, which is by far the most fiddly bit to do.

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People, people, people. Thankyou so much for all the positive comments, doing the old ego no harm whatsoever, I can tell you. And 55 downloads last I looked, in less than a week, more than the dear 38t managed in a month. The 251 seems to have dragged my other mods up along with it however and all the numbers are up, even the Pz2. That was knocked up one night in less than 12 hours when I'd first discovered Mikey Ds' greys. So all in all its been a very pleasant week.

Makes sense ofcourse, the 251, I'm sure, turns up more in OBs' than virtually any other vehicle. Rarely the star but regularly there, doing its bit. Whereas the 38t's probably a bit more of an aquired taste on the virtual battlefield. The only scenario I can think of with it in is the 'Blitzkrieg' operation that comes with the game.

Which kind of brings me to my next mod because I do like playing that game but despite several attempts over the years I've never actually won it, and that's against the AI! The other scenario I love having a go at but always fail is 'Der Manstein Kommt'. I am more of a parade ground general than an actual fighting man.

Anyway, the point is it's those two scenarios driving my current modding agenda; the heavy armoured car turns up in Blitz and the light in DMT and I've started work on the light.(There's an attatchment showing progress, so far the wheel and the side, part done). Because such trivialities as work and family have to be accomodated it'll be sometime in June before they get uploaded. A couple of 250s' turn up in DMT and unlike the 251 they all come in the same flavour so when I get to them I'll do the job lot - grey, that is. As to the 9 and 16, they do rather bug because I'd thought when I started that they too sat on the 'C' chassis. What I can promise is any grey from those two scenarios not covered by MD.

Many thanks.



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