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Netbook Scenarios

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A recent thread showed that there maybe demand for smaller scenarios that are easily playable again.


As a member of the group that invented Byte Battles, this brought back memories, and during my week-long business trip to Kiev I started designing one, which is attached.

The scenario is released as is, i.e. I do not intent to make changes to it. I am still interested in feedback though, and will apply that in new scenarios. I played this one against the AI and had fun. It reminded me what Battlefront designed CM for originally (reinforced company), and how well it does that. To give you an idea, designing this one took me about the same amount of time as it takes to play it, so I think instead of trying to perfectionate this one, my time is better spent to come up with another one.

Here's the general briefing:

Name: First Into the Village

Location: Northern Belgium

Date: 17 September 1944

Type: Allied Probe - Semihistorical

Terrain: Rural Village

Weather: Fog & Rain

Time of Day: Dusk

Best Played As: Two-Player (size optimised for TCP), or Allied versus AI

Forces: Canadian Armoured vs. Waffen-SS

After the break-out from Normandy a rapid chase across northern France and into Belgium set in. During this chase, with no fixed frontlines, allied reconnaissance formations often bumped into German detachments either left behind because of the confusion in the general retreat or covering the rear of retreating formations.

This scenario was designed for playing on a netbook. It follows the "Byte-Battle" format established by the now defunct scenario design group "Der Kessel". The intent is to give players who are e.g. on a business trip with a small sub-notebook (such as the Samsung NC10 on which this scenario was designed) a possibility to get a quick but satisfying game in, either against the AI, or during a TCP session from the hotel.




'The South Albertas' by Donald Graves

Playtesting by:

Feedback welcome to Andreas at t34m43@gmail.com

Enjoy the game!

The ZIP file has been virus-scanned by me with an up-to-date version of AVG. No guarantees, of course, download and open at your own risk.


All the best


First Into The Village.zip

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At WeBoB we have a monthly small* scenario against the AI for the people who have a little downtime. I will see if the May slot is empty!

*I have to own up that this months game is longer than normal but when you find a file with a battle commencing April 4th and thats the day you are going to post it does seem rude to ignore fate!!.

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