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Hello, i don't know if this is the right place for my question, by i'm sure that one of you can answer me no matter where right?

Well, I wanna know if there some way to put together all e-mail so I can just view the movies whitout have to reload the map all times, is very boring have to do that every time. Does someone know? Thanks.

Ps. Sorry for my english, by I live en Chile and here we speak spanish.

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Someone created a utility to do what you asked: view all of the movie files from a PBEM in a somewhat continuous manner. I never personally used the utility myself and I heard it was a bit hard to use. I haven't heard much of it for quite awhile so I don't know where to download it.

BTS is attempting to allow for a complete game playback in CMBB/CM2. It's not guaranteed to make it, but it is one of the priority items to my knowledge. Unfortunately I don't believe it will allow you to see a complete movie of your CMBO games once it is released however, just CMBB games.

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