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Ingame Terminology

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I'm busy with mission 6 of the TF campaign, and it involves doing a recon of an area prior to an attack. I notice that there are several objective points on the map with red lettering with terms I don't understand, for example: NIA C110 - DRT.

I get that this means "named interest area number C110", but I don't understand the DRT bit. I've looked in the manual under Military glossary, but it didn't help. So... could someone please help me understand these terms (or just point me to a resource):




Thank you!

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CSOP - Command SOP

MRT - Maintenance / Recovery Team

DRT - Division Recon Team

At least in my neck of the woods (Ex-Canadian military officer). Trouble is, acronym meanings differ with NATO and 'standardization' of meanings isn't assured.

At least for the Marine campaign and the Forged Steel campaign, the scenario designers have the acroymns and meanings listed at the end of the scenario briefing.

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I have not played this campaign but those look like Cold War acronyms used by NATO to describe Warsaw Pact/Red forces:

CSOP: Combat Security Observation Post; a sort of beefed up OP used in the defense.

DRT: refered to as "Dirt" Teams, used to recon well forward/deep into enemy lines

MRT: hmm... Motorized Rifle Team?

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BFC appears to be attracting more and more real military to help with the game. That means they sometimes fall into mil-speak, leaving weeny civilian hobbyists like myself in the dust. I still don't know what it means to have the LUH carry Elts of your RE to the RHA Bty. :D

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That's really the only mission in the campaign that uses this kind of language for anything but flavor. I remember being confused by it the first time I played. To me it seems like a jarring break from the overall tone of the campaign.

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