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Attention to orders!

For immediate distribution, and under the highest authority, I present to Oberstleutenant Kurt Von Stoltz the Knight's Cross for valor and distinction in battle of the highest order.

On 45 August, 1944, Oberstleutenant Kurt Von Stoltz led his panzergrenadier platoon in combat to assist a beleaguered battalion from the 314. Grenadierregiment. Upon arrival to the battlefield, Von Stoltz quickly surveyed the battlefield and sized up the enemy force before deploying his men. Under assault by two battalions of American infantry supported by engineers, light tanks, and self-propelled artillery, Von Stoltz knew that drastic action would be required of his men if the already battered battalion would survive the attack.

Rather than commit his platoon to the already breaking battle line, Von Stoltz maneuvered his men on the battalion's right flank and surprised a lone American gun. Showing great skill and determination, Von Stoltz's men assaulted the gun and killed its crew. Forward and to the right of friendly lines, Von Stoltz chose to continue his attack rather than retreat and ordered his men further on, knocking out another pair of mobile guns. Now, behind the American lines, Von Stoltz and his men infiltrated behind the American forces launching the main line of attack and struck from behind, fighting their way back across the battlefield and to friendly lines where they continued to assist in the battalion's defense, and personally repelled 5 assaults on their position.

The actions of ObstLt Kurt Von Stoltz and his men were directly responsible for the success in holding the I. Battalion / 314. Regmt's line, and are keeping with the highest of standards set forth by the 95. Panzergrenadier Division, the Army, and Germany.

A few brief seconds showing Von Stoltz's platoon killing an M8.

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