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British Artillery and Armor Organization

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I could use some help - During WWII the British Artillery and Armor tactical units we called Regiments, however I think that they were the size of an American or German Battalion, correct? Artillery Regiment would be around 12 X 25 pdrs, and a Tank Regiment around 50 tanks or so?



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Andreas is correct for the 25 pdr regiments in standard div arty. Medium regiments (corps and higher) were equipped with 5.5 inch guns or occasionally 4.5 inch guns (the 5.5 was much more common), and those still used batteries of 8 guns, but had only 2 of them per regiment. So a medium regiment is 16 5.5 inch, vs. 24x25 pdr in the field regiments. 4 guns were a "troop" rather than a battery, in British parlance.

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