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Bradleys reloading TOWs?

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Quick question:

I seem to recall, back in the early days if CMSF, being told that Bradleys will not reload TOWs during gameplay. Is this still true?

Just now I would swear I saw a Bradley CFV fire three TOWs, and the gunner was definitely said to be "reloading" after the first two shots. Is it only CFVs that reload, or has something changed with Bradleys in recent patches?

Reloading took only half a minute or so, by the way.


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In v1.11 patch all Vehicles with ATGM can reload and expend all ATGMs that they are have on board.

I must have missed that one!

Is the reloading time realistic? I was under the impression that reloading a Bradley's TOW takes closer to five minutes than one minute, but the third shot I saw occurred after a minute or less of reloading.

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