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Graphics Question for CMAK

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Following up on Chops thread for CMAK Graphics.

I am about to purchase an older Dell Latitude Series laptop Pentium M Celeron 2 Gig, 1 Gig Ram, and want to know which of the following Graphics ( intergrated or card ) will work best ( smooth running & FPS ) on CMBB, CMAK using Direct X8 and older Direct X5 games:

ATI Radeon 7500, ATI Radeon 9000,

Nvidia GeForce 5200 ( 32 MB )

Nvidia Radeon X300 ( 64 MB ), X600 ( 128 MB )

Basically, I dont want to powerful of a Video that it doesnt run CMBB, CMAK properly ( Which probably means it wont run older Direct X5 games )



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I can run both CMBB and CMAK on my Samsung NC10 which has integral graphics and it works a treat. Okay there is no fog, but it works fine with decent framerates. So the Intel chipset works for sure. Oh and that's Vista too.

I haven't used any of those other cards as far as I can recall but all I would say is this - they *should* all work fine providing they are not DX10, and you do not use Vista.

I know that the older Nvidia cards definitely work well with CMBB/CMAK.

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Hey Phil,

My old Dell C640 with Win XP, 2 Gig Pentium M w/intergrated ATI Radeon 7500, also worked pretty good ( decent frame rates, but no fog ) with CMBB and CMAK.

Yes, I also heard that Nvidia Graphics in generel work alittle better then ATI since its not intergrated, and might even get fog.

I Think my next purchase of an old Dell Latitude will be with the Nvidia Graphics.

Thanx for the info.

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No that's fine - in fact a 15" screen will give you a standard resolution which will be ideal. I'm sure the Nvidia gpu will be sufficient for cmbb/cmak although me personally, I would go for something a little beefier, like that X600 with 128mb. If you're only using it with XP then any of those will be fine I'm sure, although you will probably only get the full effects (like fog) with the Nvidia, although I am only speculating at this point. I have tried both games with a number of different cards but never a 5200.

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