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Ak & M4/M16 ROF

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As regards the ROF of the small arms (including "medium" MGs) in CMSF, I've noticed a couple things which strike me as odd.

IRL, both the M4 and the M16 fire semi-auto or in three-round bursts. Yet quite often I see (and hear) the M4 and the M16 fired in a way which seems to be neither clearly semi-auto nor burst fire. A common firing pattern is a single shot followed up almost immediately by two more, as if the soldier squeezed the trigger momentarily, then squeezed it again for just enough longer to fire two shots; it sounds like "bang, ba-bang". This implies that the soldier whose fire comes out thus has his weapon set to full auto and is just squeezing the trigger or squeezing and holding it just briefly.

I've seen this incongruous-seeming firing pattern with Syrian AK-type weapons as well, though it is somewhat less incongruous with AK-type weapons, since generally such weapons fire semi-auto or full-auto.

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(Pardon the double post. Thread-editing time limit, you know.)

Further testing with Normal Dude's Firing Range Infantry map revealed that with Army as well as USMC rifle squads given Target area-fire orders to 200m, riflemen fired either in single shots, two-round bursts, or three-round bursts.

The shots of the two-round burst are close enough together to suggest that this is meant to simulate a "double tap", squeezing the trigger twice in quick succession with the selector set to semi-auto. That begs the question: Are double taps used beyond close range? (The squads in this test were firing on an area 200m away.) If no, I wonder why Blue riflemen firing patterns are coded thus.

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Double taps seemed to be quite effective to long ranges (200-300 meters), when firing at poping up "torso"-targets (marking as assaulting enemy). I have to admit that i'm got used to sqeeze accurate single shots to those distances, and at first taking double taps to long ranges seemed odd. However when starting to used to it, it seemed pretty effective. Density of fire gets two times bigger without problem with rate of fire getting too big and throwing rounds to sky, as it gets with full or burst modes. When rifle is well supported second round should get pretty close to first one (relatively speaking). And it's fun.

Double bursts with LMG with ROF of 1000 rounds/min are even funnier. And what i've seen pretty effective. :)

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