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To all the hero's who contributed to CMMMODS

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Feel free to do what you like with my mods, I just tweeked the ones of better artists than I anyway. My thanks to COG for his years of maintaining CMMODs, through crashes and heydays and his wife's issues and all. My hat is off to him and all the contributers, great and small, to CMMODs.


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The list I linked to is a list of all files that "unzip" was unhappy about. All other files (all 3823 of them, good work, man :) were unzipping fine.

I assume that many of these aren't breakages from download or transport, there will be some that are FOOBARed on CMMODs, possibly were FOOBAR as uploaded.

But even for those, it is a nice opportunity to see whether we can track down working versions from the author or early downloaders.

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