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1939-46 WW2 Global Conflict for WAW/PDE

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Thanks, Hubert. I'd love that. To be honest, though, in playing through it, the whole "East Commonwealth" and "West Commonwealth" thing didn't work too well for me. After I played through it, I fired up a couple of Storm of Steel games in PDE and found them far more enjoyable. Japan seemed totally unnatural in Blitz and the split of the countries (such as China) didn't work too well on the giant map. I also hated how, once landed on Australia, most Japanese units couldn't move AT ALL because of the terrain and low movement points. It was very easy to see how easily an Allied player could deny the entire island completely with merely the control of the few cities and (therefore) ports with only the the smallest number of units.

Thanks, also, for the great amount of work that you do for the game and series as a whole. You've always been great in responding to player feedback and incorporating it into future releases. I doubt you remember, but I used to play SC1, mod it, and be quite active on the forums back in the day. I made a few scenarios (including 1946 and Cold War), a series of graphics packs (mostly unit, but some medal), and even a sound mod.

What I think I'd like to see the most at the moment is more nationalized units types for the minor countries. D.XXIs at lvl 0 and Buffaloes at lvl 1 for Finnish fighters, for example, and Turan I, II, and III for Hungarian lvl 1, 2, & 3 tanks.

Thanks again,

Logan Hartke

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