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What is Iron Difficulty?

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Do you have the v1.10 PDF manual? Its difficult to keep the printed manual current with all the gamechanges.

Page 43:


Elite is similar to the Veteran setting but introduces more realistic

time delays for a number of tasks and events. Hardcore players

will favor this setting. The following special rules apply:

- Enemies appear as generic “Enemy contacts” until

they are positively identified by your forces on the


- Treating wounded soldiers takes a realistic amount of


- Artillery and air support take a realistic amount of

time to arrive


Iron is an optional setting that goes even one step further than

Elite, and introduces special restrictions on what the player

can do and when. While even more realistic than the other

settings, this option introduces a number of interface limitations

which might put off the casual player, so it is strictly an

optional choice.

- Friendly units need to be spotted just like enemy

units. If you have a friendly unit not in line of sight or

in contact with another friendly unit, then the only way

to find this unit is by either re-establishing contact with

another friendly unit or by clicking through the chain of

command in the game interface, jumping from unit to


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