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Getting Quick Battle Generator to Work


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I love this game so much, I bought it twice. LOL I bought the digital download when it was released, got rid of the old computer, then bought a new computer and the boxed version of the game for it.

Anyway, I have, and I ran the single player program as an administrator and that worked. However, I have not been able to get the other features (except the map editor) to run. I keep getting, "Wrong Game Version. The application will not work with a current version of a game [sic] Theatre of War. Error: #3000."

Another bug I suffer is when I try to save a battle in progress, I am unable to recover it later--I have to restart the battle. That's not a big deal--the game IS fun, but sometimes I'd like to save my progress within a battle and pick up later (like after the dishes are done-lol).

Any ideas on how to fix either of these problems?





HP w/quad processors

64 Bit Vista

Nvidia 9400


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