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Demo Manual?


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Is there any readme for the demo? I downloaded it today and I am having fun but I have many questions.

1. Can someone tell me what ammo is what?

2. I am getting bad frames on a system that handles CMSF really well. Is there a trick to getting my FPS up in this sim? What I am looking for is one key thing to change in the Demo Config to boost my frames without setting everything to low?

3. Can anyone give me the rundown on what all the sights do? (like I said, manual).

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Thanks moon!

I was only viewing the threads from a few months ago and not a year ago. Duh! Many of my questions are answered.

I still cannot find the reason for the multiple sights in the demo though. I know that a few are night vision but are the others just "quick zooms" of the different sights for the different ammo?

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