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Help! CMAK video problems

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Greetings from Spain.

Hi! I have the forward problem.

I have demo of CMAK and I have problems to play. When i launch the game immediately appear black&****e screenshots and the monitor turn off. What happen? I followed many tech notes and troubleshotting guides and nothing :( . I like to buy CMAK... but... xP

My pc:

Windows xP Profesional

AMD athlon 2000+ xp

512 ram

Gforce4 MMX 440 (last nividia divers, I try with a older drivers and nothing)

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As the above listed thread mentions, you are probably experiencing the 'resolution selection process'. This is a series of boxes in the middle of the screen with the currently attempted resolution and possibly the refresh rate and other info.

If you don't have a Preferences file written out for CMAK to read, then it will automatically go through the resolution selection process. The first attempted resolution will be your current desktop resolution. However the refresh rate that is first attempted may be much higher than what you're currently using (often it may be 120Hz). This will be the highest available refresh rate at that resolution as defined by the video driver and not necessarily the monitor. If this refresh rate is beyond your monitor's capability, then you may get a clicking sound, a completely black screen or a message from your monitor about being 'out of range'.

If you experience these symptoms, then just let the game sit for awhile as it automatically attempts successively lower refresh rates until it hits 60Hz. More than likely one of these should be visible and you can select 'OK' with the mouse or keyboard. If you don't select anything before 60Hz, then after the 60Hz refresh rate is attempted CM will automatically switch to the next lower resolution, but at the highest avaiable refresh rate (which may be out of range again).

Once you've selected a resolution/refresh rate, CM should start up normally with the splash screens, etc. CM will continue to use this selected resolution and refresh rate until you either change the desktop resolution below what is set for CM or you delete the Prefs file, which will force CM to run the resolution selection process again.

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hi again, thanks for help but dont work it :(

I try with the lowlest 60hz and resolution and the problem persist. Antianalising is off.

Hpt. Lisse-> thanks for help for paste "black screen" post, but my problem persist, althoug it is seemed

My monitor get black&white screenshots for a seconds and turnoff, no "over range and get off" only turn off. I must prease alt+tab to leave.


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I don't understand your 'black & white screenshots' problem then. Are you saying that the screen only appears in black and white and not color when you launch CMAK and then the screen goes completely black and the monitor then turns off (or goes into a power saving state) ?

So you ended up selecting a 60Hz refresh rate at what resolution ? After the resolution selection screen (where you clicked on 'OK' or pressed 'Enter' on your keyboard) what did you see next on the screen ? Was it the Battlefront.com logo (a tank firing in the darkness) ? Did you see the main CMAK splash screen after that (the advancing Grant tanks) ? Did any of these screen flash for less than a second on the screen before it went black ?

Is your CMAK copy the CDV release ?

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I missed that the second time around.

Windows XP comes with DirectX 8.1 by default, so it should be enough to run CMAK. However it may not match his video driver very well if he's using the latest.

His problem is still a bit unclear since his description doesn't look familiar unless he's describing the text boxes during the resolution selection process.

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Hi again

Thanks for help but my english is very bad.. buff : /, my problem is that when i launch the game (demo) i see like "tv snow?" in the monitor and this shot down after few seconds, i dont see anything of logos or intros

I use the latest directx 9.0 or 9.1 i think

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I assume that what you're seeing is a 'scrambled' screen. I believe it should be mostly black with a white/blue/green element to it that is all scrambled. If that's the case, then what you're seeing is the resolution selection screen. CM will start with that before you see anything else if you don't have a Prefs file (which you won't the first time you launch the game).

The screen can appear scrambled because the refresh rate may be higher than what your monitor can handle. When that's the case, monitors can react differently. Some will scramble the display in an attempt to show the video, others will go black and others will come up with messages saying 'out of range' or something to that effect. I'm guessing that your monitor is attempting to show the video, but because the frequencies are too high it appears scrambled.

If you just wait awhile and let CM run, it should automatically try a lower refresh rate (it should already be running at your current desktop resolution). Eventually it should get to a refresh rate that your monitor supports. At that point you should be able to read the text box on the screen telling you the current resolution and refresh rate. Clicking 'OK' (or pressing Enter/Return on your keyboard) here should select that resolution and refresh rate combination for CM to run at. CM will then show you the Battlefront.com logo and eventually the main splash screen where you can start a scenario.

[ April 16, 2004, 05:38 PM: Message edited by: Schrullenhaft ]

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I doubt a lower version of DirectX will do anything to alleviate this problem (which appears to be resolved as far as I can tell). It is primarily a matter of knowing what CM is doing.

The version of DirectX needs to match the video driver's requirement. Using the latest video drivers requires using the latest version of DirectX (for things to work consistently and properly), though for most situations and older version of DirectX may work with newer drivers. However the videocard manufacturers always recommend a minimum version of DirectX for each driver release.

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