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Sahara, starring Humphrey Bogart -- CMAK Scenario Now Playing at TSD

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Sahara, starring Humphrey Bogart

Based on the 1943 movie “Sahara.”

A U.S. tank crew (M3 Grant) and their commander (Sgt. Joe Gunn, played by Humphrey Bogart) are separated from the main force as it is thrown into retreat. Alone, they make their way through the desert and accumulate an unlikely force of stragglers… an assortment of Commonwealth soldiers (a few Brits, an Australian, and a Free French soldier with the nickname “Frenchy”), a Sudanese soldier and his cooperative Italian prisoner. They even manage to shot down a German fighter and take the arrogant Nazi pilot prisoner.

Short on water, they make their way toward a known watering hole that turns out to be dry. With the Sudanese’s help, their only hope is to trek deeper into the desert to Bir Acroma, site of an ancient oasis with only a slight possibility that the well will still have water this time of year.

Also in search of water and following the tank’s tracks is an Afrika Korp infantry regiment led by Major von Schletow (really a reduced battalion in this scenario). At forlorn Bir Acroma, the gallant allies, one tank and less than 10 men, decide to make a stand and hope to delay the Germans until a dispatched soldier can return with reinforcements. Little do the Germans know but the allies are bluffing; the well at Bir Acroma offers little more than a trickle of water. Refusing Sgt. Gunn’s bargain to offer “water for guns,” von Schletow launches a series of frontal attacks.

This is a wartime Hollywood release, so you will have to suspend your disbelief. Why are American tank crews fighting in the Egyptian desert in June or July 1942 in the first place? (To “gain some experience” is how it is explained in the movie.) Why wouldn’t the Germans try to flank the allied position? Wouldn’t an infantry regiment have some artillery… at least more than a few light mortars?

So, be advised that is designed to play out like the movie. Therefore, note the “fictional” rating. This is purely “just for fun.” Enjoy.

For movie details, see Sahara (1943) on the International Movie Database web site (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0036323/). This is a corny, wartime movie, but I still watch it when it pops up on TV from time-to-time. The movie is still widely available, so I won’t spoil the ending for you, but you can probably guess that Boggie and the Allies wins.


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I'll DL it and give it a go.

Theres another north africa movie I saw. way back in the 70s when I was a kid.

I forget the title but the plot went like this;

In an unspecified year in ww2, A german tank crew has lost its commander, and is wandering lost when they stumble across a lone german officer who promptly assumes command.

Meanwhile.... a pair of allied fighter planes are on patrol. One takes a hit and is forced to land.

The pilot of the other looks out and sees the german tank approaching his wing mate, so he lands to rescue him.

Just as they are about to take off again, the german tank opens fire and holes the wings of the second plane.

Now our allied boys are unable to get off the ground, and the german tank comes after them as they trundle across the sahara in an unflyable fighter plane. They are chased by the german tank, who's new comander is gradualy revealed to be rather insane.

Finaly the plane runs out of gas. The german officer goes to kill the surendering pilots. He shoots one. and is aiming at the other....

and is himself shot in the back by his own crew who want no more part of his insanity. The end.

Does anyone know the title of this movie?

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Was that 'Sahara' movie the one where basically the clever Yank shows everyone else the right way to do things? If thats the one you have to laugh at the historical context, the other nationalities had been involved in that particular war for some time and presumably had learnt a thing or two, the Americans were still war babies. Still I guess they had to talk themselves up at the time the movie was made.

If its not the movie then ignore :)

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Wow I cant believe I found this post searching the web! I have often looked and wondered what that movie Death race was called. I remember watching it while on a family trip out east. We were in a hotel and it was late at night. I remember the scene where they were chased, and the end where the plane kept hopping over the tank strafing it. Now I know the name THANK YOU! Now I just have to find it!

thanks again!

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