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Air Support Request/Gripe

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Ahhhhhh! I've posted in the wrong forum!! (How can I blame THIS on BF.C?)

Guys, I'm playing a battle in which my Marines get some Cobra support. (I will NOT talk about possible air support user interface improvements in this thread. :) )

My infantry spotted some Syrian T-62's/BMP-3's. They called in the Cobras, targeted the vehicles and got a blue line which terminated in "Vehicle Target". I selected "Heavy" (No, I will NOT talk about the interface!). Several minutes later, the Cobras came in.

In each of the 3 or 4 cases (I have savegames) the first "Heavy" strike looked like a Hellfire missile. It had an exhaust plume and actively guided to the vehicle targets. Cool. Direct hits each time.

Result? In each case a huge impact explosion, the vehicle burst into flames, and a large, dense, plume of smoke erupted from the vehicle. Cool again.

Oh, what did the Cobras do next? Well, they FIRED ANOTHER MISSILE INTO THE BURNING HULK!! Grrrr. Why? I mean, they only have so many on board. How many? (No, that's an interface question....)

In actual use, I'd think that when they Cobras saw the target burning they would not fire a second missile into it. I'd be okay with firing a second missile if the kill were not confirmed; it seems that doesn't matter.

BF.C, any chance of having air support only firing/releasing a single item of ordnance when the point target is labelled "Vehicle"? Then, only if it is not a confirmed kill (burning, dense smoke, secondary explosions), have the air unit come around again?



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