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Catalyst 9.2 - AA is off, still problems

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I "upgraded" to a ATi 4830 card, and noted I can no longer see any text on the CMAK scenario screens. A prev. post suggested I turn off all AA settings, which I did; I can now see text on only the 1st Scenario Selection screen - but no others after that (such as mission brief, etc). I updated today to Catalyst 9.2 drivers, and still the same issues. Anyone have any ideas to try to resolve this? Thanks... (No, I dont want to go back to my 7300GT...)

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This worked for me on my 4830 card - anyway, I read further on the forums, one poster suggested using ALT+TAB to go out to the desktop and then back in by ALT+TAB, and the text problem was fixed.

Well, I tried that, and it works fine now. I can again see all the text in the scenario and mission boxes, and in-game boxes. Hmmm. I apparently need to do this at the start-up of each game. Also worked fine in CMBB - whew!

Thanks for all the help, I would have never tried this on my own...

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The fix is in the download section of this site. It works reasonably well but does put a box around the text that may obscure the view sometimes.

Phil stanbridge - does your ATI card work with Vista and DX10 - if so what are the details.


My 4850 512mb is working fine with CMBB/CMAK and Vista/DX10 with the latest 9.2 cats. I have noticed some slight colour saturation that I am trying to resolve with the control panel, but it's proving quite difficult. It doesn't stop the game from working, it just detracts a little from the overall effect. But at least the game is completely playable, and I have fog.

I'm going to try that Alt-tab switching with the original bitmaps and see if that works too. Because there's no denying it looks better with the onboard VGA than it does through my ATI card. But I can't play anything else with my Intel onboard graphics.

Also one other thing I have noticed regards ATI and Combat Mission - if you use Anti Aliasing, turn it off. That is why the text disappears completely.

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