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AR Nuprmal World Janurary 1947

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I played as the Axis and gave the Allies +2 and 100% expiriance. I did not observe Allied turns, or play any gamey moves to out smart the AI. In this MOD tech and politics are slow so I freely invested in both, but NEVER put any political points into anything but minors.

I have to tell you it was MARVELOUS, although I was slowly winning, it was always a battle of not enough men, money, and upgrades. I had Russia almost defeated.....The map is HUGE and supply is the single most realistic aspect of his mod. The Japanese reached Chungking, and were pushed back by the arrival of Allie forces, Japan over ran most of Siberia and was in a death fight with the Soviets.

Probably the most realistic, enjoable single scenario I have played in 30 years! Victory was always just one more campain season away!

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