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Hi! For some strange reason I'm feeling quite ambitious/bored today. I don't feel getting slaughtered in CM and I don't know how to make scenario's. So I thought why not create some sort of gameplay FAQ, like the one from CMBB, which was really useful for me.

Now I also realise that just because I'm bored now, doesn't mean I will be bored tomorrow and that basically I won't be able to do this on my own. So I'm looking for people who might be interested to help.

The kind of questions I hope to answer are things like "How do I play PBEM", "What is abstracted and what not". I will put everything together in a .txt file.

So if enough (maybe around 2-4) want in, please pm or send me an email (please put "CMSF FAQ" in the subject) and we can start by figuring out the details.

Hopefully we can create something useful :)

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