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A stupid question, I know...

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So I am building a new computer, and I plan on ordering CM:SF and CM:SF Marines in order to push my new system to the limit. I'm waiting for the British module, as well as CM:Normandy with baited breath and I am wondering if the modules will be backwards compatible with each other? As in being able to use British units with USMC units and so on and so on. Will CMx2 WW2 be backwards compatible with the modern CMx2 units?

It would be awesome to compare and contrast results between units with modern weapons and units without, etc. Personally, I'm hoping that the Brits module will be compatible with the current stuff so I can make an alternate time line American Revolution scenario!

And the Javelins red glare....

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On a related note, seeing as you mentioned a new computer....Steve, I wonder if you lot have any idea whether CM Normandy will put a higher burden on the PC/graphics card than CMSF?

It occurs that denser terrain in Normandy might well impose some more strain. On the other hand there might be less ordnance flying about than modern weapons can manage.

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Somewhere on this Forum are a couple of fairly lengthy (and at times heated, unfortunately) threads about our new strategy of game development. The simple answer is a Family encompasses a primary Title and a number of Modules. A Family's setting is determined by the Title, all Modules follow suit.

We originally intended the core game engine to be backwards compatible, but development reality has shown us that isn't feasible for us to do. Not without delaying future development and having to charge for an upgrade, so at present time think of a Family as a single product. For example, CMBB is a single game that can't play CMBO games, CMAK can't play CMBB or CMBO games.

It is expected that as the CMx2 engine develops over the years (there probably will never be a CMx3 game engine) the resources required to play the game on the highest detail settings will likely increase as we add more features into the gameplay part of the engine. We are planning on doing some revision to how terrain is drawn so that CM: Normandy won't push the bar too much higher than CM:SF needs for similar sized scenarios.


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