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Does Madmatts sound mod still work with Marines 1.11?

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It's a shame, our old friend madmatt, last time I checked, has stopped playing the game and isn't doing anything new. His sound mod was THE sound mod to have for this game. BF's kinda sucks compared to his(sorry BF!). I loved how realistic his was. Perhaps I will take a swing at it. I used to be an audio engineer way back in college and I still play around with audio software, so maybe I can create a nice one. Now I just need to locate some authentic radio chatter. Shouldn't be too hard.

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Have you tried my sound mod? Give it a go and tell me what you think. It is, however, focused on effects rather than voices/radio/music/background.


I believe I misled you. Try removing the ".wav" part from the file title if you were including that. It should just be "background day combat". I just tested it and I believe this is your problem.

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