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Hidden Attacker Readiness Bonus

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I'd like to clarify that "Hidden Attacker Readiness Bonus" variable is a bonus given to a *defender* when you "crash" into them and they do a "surprise" attack against your unit. Correct?

This is not a bonus my units would get if the enemy couldn't see them and I advanced to engage and attack them is it?

The manual states (Page 51): "If enemy contact results in combat, then the hidden unit’s combat losses will be 25% less and the moving unit’s combat losses will increase by 25%. Additionally, the hidden unit (i.e., the potential attacker) has its readiness decreased by 25% for the combat calculations only."

I assume that is an error saying "has its readiness decreased by" when this really should be "has it's readiness increased by".

Also does this variable only effect the readiness for the combat calculation or is it also used for the combat loss adjustments? (i.e. the manual states 25% for three different "variables" but it appears we can't mod the first two)

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Mithel, this is correct, the manual should read that the hidden unit should have it's readiness increased by. I have corrected this in the Pacific Manual and this will therefore be corrected for all new games going forward.

The adjustments are for readiness as well as for combat losses and this can be edited in the Editor via the 'Combat Data' dialog. There is only one entry for edit, the 'Hidden Attacker Readiness Bonus' and this value applies to both parts of the combat calculation adjustments.

Hope this helps,


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Hubert, in the editor in a research section I noticed an ability to increase strength (or was it combat value?) by increments of 0.5. Can you tell me if in your combat calculations "under the covers" do you actually keep track of unit strength (and other factors) in whole numbers? (i.e. do you maintain fractions?)

I'm curious because if, for example, we modify the hidden attacker bonus to say 5% and then the losses are increased (and decreased) by 5% is this going to actually have an effect? Because for example if maximum losses were a possible 10 points then 5% of 10 is only a half a point so if this is actually being rounded off, then in almost all cases a 5% adjustment will mean "nothing".

Using simple integers is very user friendly for the players, but for accuracy and greater fine tuning it would be nice to have more significant digits (aka fractional values that are maintained but just not displayed).

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