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Advanced Third Reich v1.02

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I have submitted updates to my A3R mod to the Battlefront repository which should be posted shortly. Both the 1939 and 1941 campaigns are updated with the following changes:

Advanced Third Reich for SC2-PDE v1.02


- deselected Elite Reinforcement from Advanced Game Play Options (Note: reduction in max unit experience from 5 to 3 made in the SC2-WAW version helped some, but elite reinforcements for German U-boats, tac bombers, artillery and some other units up to strength 13 continue to skew the game. Units still maintain max unit experience of 3 for combat bonus.)

- increased spotting range of partisans from 1 to 2

- reduced USSR armor production delay from 6 to 5 months


- fixed strength and supply scripts for possible Russian Winter Strikes Again events to occur o/a Dec 1942

- made minor correction to amphibious scripts for German 1940 Sealion invasion

- made several minor adjustments to diplomacy scripts

- adjusted German offensive scripts to increase Barbarossa buildup another turn

- added Italian offensive script for possible invasion of Tunisia if Algeria become Free French

- adjusted war_entry scripts for Finland activation, for variable entry after May 25, 1941 AND USSR is at war

- added decision event #7 for Lend Lease/Murmansk Convoys and revised convoy scripts; intent now is for more Allied MPPs to be sent to USSR during mid-game and then for less MPPs to be sent after Smolensk/Kiev are reoccupied

- adjusted amphibious_minor scripts to reduce chances of possible USA/UK raids into France from 10% to 5%

- added transport_minor and unit events for possibily redeploying UK corps from Gibraltar and replacing it with infantry if Axis units are in Spain

- fixed transport_minor scripts for UK belligerent intervention to Norway, revised amphibious_minor scripts for possible UK invasion of Norway, and added offensive scripts for possible UK attack from Bergen to Oslo

- adjusted transport_minors scripts to slightly increase USA/UK reinforcements to Algeria, particularly if Axis controls Cairo

- adjusted fleet scripts to improve UK sending fleets to Egypt and evacuating fleets from Red Sea

- adjusted research scripts to slightly reduce some pre-war and early years research to allow more AI unit builds

- added activation_1 scripts for increased USA/USSR reactions to Axis DOWs on Spain and Turkey, to help offset Axis plunder gains

- added 1939 resource event script for German industry activation (Bonn and Essen) at start of WWII, to help offset German plunder gains

- added Allied AI resource event for increased chance of Russian Successful Five Year Plan and also added garrison script to defend Krasnovodsk

- revised activation_2 events for German Eastern Front Garrison to allow any Axis units to satisfy requirements (Italian units were failing to satisfy requirements and triggering Soviet reaction)

- adjusted UK unit events for earlier arrival of Australian, Indian and South African reinforcements if Egypt is invaded

- added a few more AI unit events for tougher computer opponent

- upgraded AI unit events to Experience=1 for tougher computer opponent, but restricted elite reinforcements

- fixed AI unit events for German DAK arriving too early, and fixed several other incorrect country_id's

- changed unit and territory scripts to generally increase chance of variants from 5% to 10%

I initially thought this would just be a minor update but as seen above there have been quite a number of tweaks and adjustments. I want to acknowledge Big Al for his inspirational idea regarding convoy scripting and Blashy for his feedback regarding Axis and Allied AI performance.

I want to mention a few highlights. The AI is beefed up in many respects, and deselection of elite reinforcements helps level the playing field. Germany starts with reduced production in 1939 which makes their buildup a little more challenging. The revised convoy scripting allows more Lend Lease to USSR in the middle game and reduces aid later when USSR is on the roll and the western Allies are building up on the continent. Lastly, some revised UK transport scripts now provide serious Allied AI opposition in the Middle East. All-in-all, everything is much better. Enjoy! :)

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Lonny Allen 2009-02-18 09:17:19 Nice job Mr.Macon, love the expanded world map and making this game all the more enjoyable to play,keep up the good work and thanks,Lonny(redstorm)Allen.

Thank you! This is most likely a final update for PDE. I am moving on to the next version of the SC series (not Pacific Theater ;)) and have converted over my campaigns.

I am working on three significant improvements, now that the AI scripting issues seem to be resolved to my satisfaction:

1. I have decided to bite the bullet and use those unused anti-tank and anti-air unit slots to better differentiate all the 2-3/3-3 infantry, 3-5/4-5 armor and 4-6/5-6 armor units for Germany, Italy and USSR. So, no more infantry and heavy tank research with its wild card randomness and all units being treated the same. Now Italy has its two 3-3 infantry at start, USSR can begin building 3-3 infantry and 4-5 armor, and Germany gets back its heavy panzer corps. This required some gymnastics to revise all the CTVs, force pools, production scripts, unit events, etc. One compromise is that the 1-3 infantry/replacement corps use the anti-air slot which provides them an automatic defensive fire for adjacent air attacks, but their air defense is minimal so it's no biggie. I have noticed so far one nice effect - the AI likes to garrison with #UNIT=1 corps which means capitals and other key locations now tend to have 2-3 infantry or other units, allowing those cheap 1-3's to be used for other roles.

2. I have also decided to bite the bullet and update the 3D icons so all these changes look acceptable for playing in that mode. That's another little project in itself which I have been avoiding for too long. Now is the time.

3. Finally, I shall work on adding the 1942 and 1944 scenarios to the A3R series. Not sure what the demand might be for those, but once I get everything else squared away it's not too difficult to update from 1941 to 1942 and then to 1944.

I may make other minor adjustments and enhancements here and there, but the game is pretty solid now and it's time to make the changes I mention above. As always, if anyone spots issues with what's out there now or has suggestions for improvements, just let me know! :)

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Well it means Hubert isn't done yet! LOL. And that's all I can say about that. But seriously, it doesn't make sense for me to convert to PT and then convert again later.

Upon review of my first AI-AI game using the "new" force pools, I am rather not liking the new 1-3's not garrisoning. Too many good units are being wasted on garison duty, and the AI logic for employing anti-tank and anti-air is not the same as for tank and infantry. This may not work after all. But rest assured, I will keep trying and come up with something. Maybe the heavy tanks as anti-tank and 2-3 infantry as anti-air will be better. If not, then I'll keep what's already working with the infantry and tank research scheme. Anyways, my point is I'm still continuing to develop A3R.

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