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Could this be the first pic of CMx2 WWII ? [Edit] Yes!

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Hmm, I'm not sure. The line "very first in-game shot of the next World War Two Western Front Combat Mission game" kind of leaves it unclear. :D


And he was me thinking I had a scoop. Should read before I post.

Still, looks nice and some people might have missed the announcement (he says, struggling for excuse to hide embarrassment).

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Who says good things don't happen?

They say one picture equals a thousand words!

Soooo much to say..........

1. God, its been such a loooooooooong time. This is REAL good news. :)

2. How about some more screenshots? ;) Just what are those Tigers facing off against?

3. Bocage - I wonder how that will look.

4. It certainly will be nice to see some King Tigers again.

5. How about a real name? Refering to "the next World War Two Western Front Combat Mission game" seems llike it would get to be rather tedious.

6. And now for the 8000 pound gorilla standing in the corner: Its time to give us our own Forum so we won't "bother" the CM:SF probies. ;)


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Something wrong with the Tiger. It has its travel tracks on and not the wider combat tracks, allowing its transport on a railway flatcar, without getting outside of the width limit.

That is why, the outer rim wheels are removed and it looks like it is a version, beginning from late 1944, with metallic band wheels replacing rubber, if my eyes aren't fooling me.

It is nevertheless well done and I am impatient to see the game release.

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