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Hi Mithel;

Of course!

1937 Shanghai is the Chinese attempt to force the Japanese out of Shanghai. The Japanese in July of that year had taken to a major offensive in northern China and routed her troops there. The Chinese attack into the Japanese neighborhoods of Shanghai touched off a violent Japanese reaction that included massive reinforcement and two major amphibious landings. Notable in this battle was the Chinese deployment of their central German-trained army. The fighting took place in front of the International settlements in Shanghai that elicited sympathy for the courage of the Chinese in face of superior Japanese firepower.

My scenario is generally built around the historical forces and events. I did not include the Japanese landing in the south as the AI did not like the action and kept frustrating my scripting. That landing was only the final straw that otherwise broke the back of an already defeated Chinese army.

1941 – 42 Malaya- Singapore is the Japanese conquest of Malaya and Singapore. Many historians argue that the British commander gave up too earlier and could have fought on, maybe even holding on to the tiny Singapore Island. The Japanese showed a tactical skill at out maneuvering the British in the jungles and hills of Malaya, eventually choosing the right spot to come ashore on the Singapore Island.

I’ve included two decision events that cover the fate of Force Z and the air reinforcement for the British.

After you have had the chance to play one or both games let me know what you think.


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