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Rooky mistake not to make

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You know when you go to the acquire menu and it says

1800 5.56

1400 5.56

1200 5.56

An so on.....

If you select the top one that means the boys in back of you don't get any. For some odd reason I totally missed this. I have guys grabbing 40 rounds of 40mm and 1200 rounds of 5.56 and running off.

When my next guys came running up to the truck they were like, "What the hell, we humped all of that way for nothing..."

Also, if you leave the crew in the truck it will show the supplies it carries. If you take the crew out, the only way to know what is still left is to run up and look inside.

In Red Pepper I left them in until everyone was resupplied than pulled them to the firing line. It helped being able to read quickly how much 5.56, 7.62 and 40mm was still around and shuffle people between the trucks.

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I find it much better to be slower/tired and have maximum of ammo to suppress the living hell out of anything that faster/less tired but having to maneuver troops across lines of fire to resupply. You always inevitably lose one or two guys and it slows the momentum down overall.

I find the effect on tiredness minimal to be honest, especially since the way the game plays is usually stop, start, stop, start. Speed in this game gets you killed, suppression keeps you boys alive, and for that, you need ammo. This is especially key IMO for you machine gunners. You cant have them running back to reload and they're mostly stationary if you find a good spot. The only thing is you usually have two MG's per vehicle so it pays to remember to divvy up the ammo between them.

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This all raises some questions:

How much ammo is a rifle squad capable of carrying (in-game)?

I assume that the tops of the "ammo bars" represent a limit, and that a squad can't actually load itself down until it can't move. Will a squad with a full ammo bar actually acquire more ammo even if ordered to do so?

How much does a full ammo bar represent, anyway?

Finally, how much ammo can a squad carry before it takes a mobility or fatigue hit?

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I would think that you cannot get a mobility or fatigue factor from 5.56. I mean if your 12 mand squad grabs 2400 rounds, that is 200 a man or roughly 7 magazine(clips). Hardly enough to penalize a hard pounding grunt.

If that machinegun team of 4 takes 2400 rounds of 7.62 each man is carrying 6 100 round belts which could get cumbersome.

The bar just is a reference point and if maxd out means that someone else should be getting the other ammo.

OK... my follow on question. I assume when my ammo level is in the yellow my men are more cautious about their targets and fire less with Red meaning fire when you see the white of their eyes.

So if I want suppressive fire I better have everyone well into the green.

If I want to conserve ammo I should rain in the range by using the target Arc right?

Appreciate any clarifications....

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