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Want to go up in the world?

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Armani Flagship Hotel and Residences (living) at the

Burj Dubai

Armani Hotel’s SPA spans 40k sq meters

175 hotel rooms and suites embelleshed by Armani ‘Haute couture’ (

custom) home furnishings by Armani micro-brand ‘Armani Casa

An additional 144 residential suites

Cost of a one-bedroom unit at the

Armani $4 million

Cost of a two-bedroom unit at the

Armani $7.7 million

I have seen cheaper offers at weekends : )

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Building vertically in regions of high population density = good idea

Building vertically in a desert = bad idea

Building vertically in a region that has given birth to a whole lotta airplane-hijacking terrorists who think you're too liberal and western = bad idea

Still, you've got to admit that those guys at least try to invest in their city. Look at Rome or Athens, thousands of years after their hey-day people still flock in there to see the ruins of fallen empires, which is very profitable for the locals.

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According to dubaitourism.ae:

Alcohol is available in hotel and club restaurants and bars. However, restaurants outside the hotels are not permitted to serve alcoholic beverages.

Compared with certain parts of the Middle East, Dubai has a very relaxed dress code. However, care should be taken not to give offence by wearing clothing which may be considered revealing.

At the pool or on the beaches, trunks, swim-suits and bikinis are quite acceptable.

Virtuous Muslim women wear this, though:


I'm grateful for the fact that I live in a society where it's okay to go even shopping in bikinis. Less is more!


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Seems pretty good to me:

A living larder

The reindeer alone is a living larder, with a meat that is not only tasty but also lean and rich in vitamins and minerals. The average fat content is 3%, and it is a nutritious Omega 3 type fat. The protein content is as high as 22%. Reindeer meat is also a good source of vitamins, containing A, B, C and E vitamins. As a natural grazer, the reindeer produces meat that is rich in minerals, such as iron, selenium and calcium. These are all good for people. By also using the offal, such as the blood, liver, etc., the vitamin and mineral content is further reinforced.

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