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CMBB or Twilight Zone?!

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Well here's the problem, i'm playing a couple of

pbems and everthing is working fine. We all have

the right versions(latest update), but after about

10 turns in I load the movie turn I get and this

is what happens..

The clock/timer shows instead of 60/secs, it

shows 234354 secs I quess.

I play the movie and fast forward it for a couple

of minutes.

Well I do that, troops well walk right off the map, tanks will keep going around in circles.

If I load the turn on another computer is works


I have tried deleting CMBB and getting rid of everthing I could in the registry and reinstalling

CMBB, including the patches 1 through to 3.

Load the turn in again and the same thing happens.

I even tried loading in a map and buying units to

place on the map..

When I preview the map with the units on it, all

the troop units are standing at attention instead

on the normal /crouched/ type pose they have.

I had my oppenents resend the turns but the problem still ocurs.

I had been playing a number of games prior to this

with no problems till now.

System Spec:

OS WindowsXP Pro

Pentium3 800mhz

Nvidia Quadro 64mg bios version 7.02.00, driver

sound blaster live

Help smile.gif


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You don't perchance happening to be running this PBEM on a Dell or Sony computer are you ? There's a problem with the "UPTIMER" function on a number of these computers. Here's a thread about it (though I can't recall if there's a solution or not).

Some possible solutions involve updating the motherboard BIOS (if there is an update) and/or leaving your computer on for 45 minutes or more before attempting to play a PBEM round. Neither of these answers is a surefire way to solve the problem, but it has worked for some people.

[ June 20, 2003, 02:36 AM: Message edited by: Schrullenhaft ]

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