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A New Grey MarderII Mod.

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Spend more time lurking than actually contributing. Think my only other thread was to advertise a Tiger mod a few years back.

Having been away from the game since about 04 got back into it last year and checked out the mods. Became obsessed with Mikey D's grey panzer mods and downloaded every last one. But there were gaps!

So I decided to fill them - how hard could it be?

Quickly got down to it and after only a few days I'd modded the PzII and uploaded it to Cmmods (Czt2_Grey_Pz2_v1). Easy. And just to make things easier, for the next trick, the Marder II. Same chassis and hardly any skins...

Soooo anyway four months later and here it is. Wanted the colors as close to MD origonals as possible, even got in touch with the great man and he provided color swatches as a guide.

Unfortunately got bogged down trying not only to match his colors and tonal values but also his style. You can't download style. To make matters worse got hold of Andrew Foxes origonal Marder II mod to use as a template. Excellent mod but very 'blue-grey' next to an MD panzer. But how was he doing that rain streaked texture?

Got fed up, gave up. Then about a week ago got playing 'Balck at the Bridgehead' and along came some AF/Chrizwit/orig skinned Marder IIs looking a right mess. Took another look and got the mod finished. It's all drawn fom scratch but very influenced by Mr D and Mr F.

Called Czt2_Grey_Mrdr2_v1. Please check it out. Thankyou.

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Thanks for the above compliments.

Re screenshot; there is an image at cmmods.com with the mod. Which is 'ahem' my way of saying, erm, I don't know how to upload a pic onto this site. My eldest son handles the technical stuff and he's back with his mother for the rest of the week.

If someone could provide or point me to a step by step I'd be more than happy to have a go at uploading a pic.

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