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New Command Ideas.

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The current commands in CMSF provide a useful range of movements for infantry, but I think a few new ideas would allow for a more proper control of units, especially in WEGO.

Firstly a 'Move to Contact' order allowing infantry to move up to a minimally exposed spotting position and not engage.

Second and 'abandon weapon' command for crew served weapons, often times the gun crew is obviously in a hopeless situation but do not escape because they feel inclined to remain with the weapon and pack up (during which time they do not fight back).

As a bit of an aside why is it that some weapons go through the entire packing and unpacking deal when they can be moved wholesale over the short distance?

Thirdly and probably of most importance to Syrian units 'hull down'. Some Syrian vehicles find themselves hopelessly engaged in certain scenarios simply because finding cover for the vehicles is difficult from the position of an overall commander and I think allowing the troop to make an in-field decision is more appropriate.

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The Hunt command along with target arc could currently be used as a move to contact command.

Instead of a move to hull down command a topographical map like CMx1 had would also help with infantry movement. Actually, I am not sure what was used, all I remember was that the map had different colors to denote high and low ground.

better yet why not include both

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I mainly use it for scout teams in wooded areas where they wont get more than a ? contact helps avoid them opening up when there not supposed to but, a move to contact command, would be appreciated, especially in terrain where the enemy is not so concealed as they are in a forest.

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I wish there was a way of bringing squad members who do not have LOS to a target that is under LOS from other members of that same squad.

It's frustrating sometimes that only one member of a group is capable of firing upon an enemy target and the rest of the elements will not adjust position to achieve LOS.

I believe there was an adjustment in one of the patches where troops will not leave good cover positions to seek other positions despite lack of LOS. I could see where this could only exacerbate the problem mentioned above.

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From what i have been able to tell HUNT currently acts like MOVE to CONTACT did in CMx1 in that they stop when enemy spotted, but do not proceed when enemy is no longer spotted.

I think Cmx1 was better with the seperate commands for HUNT and MOVE TO CONTACT each having there specific behavior. I wish they would but these features as they were.

Here is how it was in CMx1:

MOVE TO CONTACT= Unit stops when contact is made.

HUNT= Unit stops when contact is made, then proceeds to the destination when contact is lost. Stoping again if contact is made and so on.

ARC commands and graphic were better in CMx1. Current graphic is currently way too overpowering and offers no quick 180 degree optiions.

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Stuff that could be better:

Cover arcs work better than hide when somebody wants to keep soldiers from shooting - counter-intuitive. I find myself plotting cover arcs for all my troops when advancing into unknown territory, just to emulate a "move to contact".

One still has to cancel a cover arc before issuing a Face command. Face and Cover Arc should be separated anyway.

The Hunt command is next to useless when targets pop up and drop out of sight.

The CMx1 commands represented years of experience and improvement. I think it would be a good idea to bring back some of it to CMx2.

Best regards,


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"Move to Contact" is a definite must! Or just a "hunt" + "hide" combination would be great. I'm surprised it still hasn't made it in game.

Hmm.. I think there was a thread re: this somewhere here...

Don't know about that other thread, but hunt+hide certainly works. Unit with both commands will 'move to contact' and then hide (unless they receive heavy incoming fire and bug out).

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