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Different versions of PDE game in VISTA

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Hello, i have discovered something interesting: i have VISTA and have modded a new campaign that i am testing, i have modded it running the editor as a administrator to be able to change things, but then if i just doubleclick at the PDE icon and load the campaign the original unmodded campaign opens up, same thing happens if i open the campaign in the editor not as admin, and if i choose to open the campaign in the game and in the editor as admin all changes is there, but i i look in the computers directory i can only find one version with all changes!


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Yep same issue...no idea whats up. the edited campaign file doenst show up in game. However if you go into your folder c:\programfiles...\sc2 - click on the campaigns folder. Then under vista - click on "compatibility filestab" and your edited scenario files show up there....I still cant get them to open however...tis weird indeed :(

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Just posted this in the other thread, this seems to be a Vista issue and can be resolved by doing either of the following:

* Disable the UAC control which may not be desirable, or

* Change the installation directory to something other than the default under the 'Program Files' directory.

For example if you install to C:\Games\Battlefront\Strategic Command (Version) it seems to work Ok.

Hope this helps,


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